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In our experience, startups need a little bit of everything on the legal front, but customised through an innovative and agile lens. 

It imperative that you get the legal framework to your startup set up right from the start to avoid future pitfalls and maximise your chances of success.

Lark Lawyers has experience helping many startups reach their potential, and a bona-fide startup founder on board who understands the many challenges startups face as they are founded, grow and thrive.

We can help from idea to bootstrap to growth and beyond.


Some of the areas in which we can help include:

  • structuring your startup to balance out tax efficiency, fundraising and control issues.

  • reaching agreement with co-founders through Shareholders' Agreements or similar documents.

  • fundraising from seed and angel investors, whether through debt (eg by convertible note or SAFE) or equity (eg ordinary or special shares)

  • employing your first employees/evangelists, and setting up an Employee Share Option Plan.

  • preparing the legal terms and conditions for your website or e-commerce site.

  • protecting your trademarks, business name and other intellectual property.

  • negotiating and entering into your first service and subscription contracts, and

  • dealing with institutional investors, managed funds and venture capitalists, from due diligence to investment, sale or merger.