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Lark Lawyers offer a comprehensive litigation and dispute resolution service to accommodate the needs and protect the interests of our clients.  We are experienced in the conduct of legal proceedings in all minor and major Courts and Tribunals in Western Australia.  From lower level debt recovery in the Magistrates Court to complex commercial disputes in the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal, Lark Lawyers have the requisite knowledge to obtain the best outcome in your case.


Lark Lawyers understand that prolonged litigation is often stressful, time consuming and very costly to the parties involved. 


We therefore take a practical approach in such matters and will provide timely advice as to whether a negotiated outcome can be reasonably achieved at an early stage.  We are familiar with all common forms of alternative dispute resolution including mediation, conciliation and arbitration.  Almost invariably, a negotiated outcome which a party can live with is preferable to the risk and uncertainty associated with proceeding to a judicial determination.

However, where litigation cannot be avoided or reasonably resolved, rest assured that Lark Lawyers are able to provide sound strategical advice and representation to maximise your prospects of success.  We run the litigation process effectively and efficiently, and you are kept fully informed of current and expected costs at every step.

Areas in which we can assist include:

  • Contractual disputes

  • Building and construction disputes

  • Director, shareholder and partnership disputes

  • Competition and consumer law, including misleading and deceptive conduct claims and defective goods/services

  • Commercial leasing and residential tenancy disputes

  • Debt recovery

  • Planning disputes

  • Intellectual property disputes

  • Employment disputes

  • Commissions and inquiries

  • Administrative law

  • Banking, finance and securities disputes

  • Trust disputes